The Best Product for Removing Pet Stains In 3 Easy Steps

Anyone who owns a dog or cat can probably relate to the frustration when their pet has a potty accident. Even though our furry companions don’t do it to upset us, it’s still gross and a chore to clean up. Today I want to share with you what works best for me and makes stain removal a breeze.

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog isn’t monetized and I do not receive any compensation for recommending a product or posting a link to said product. The content in this post is from my own experience and is solely my own opinion. Even though I have used the product myself with good results, please test a small area first and use at your own risk.

My Favorite Product and Why I Like It

image of I use OUT! Advanced Severe Urine Destroyer with 3X Enzyme Cleaning Power.

This stuff is great. It’s been on the market for quite some time, so it’s not new. In fact, the manufacturer has come out with a “new and improved” version that contains oxi-clean. But please! Don’t use the new version. You want the one shown here. The newer one doesn’t work as well.

This stain remover is cheap compared to it’s competitors. At Walmart, I can purchase a 32-oz. squirt or spray bottle for $5.86 (in-store). Compare that to the $10 or more you will pay for Nature’s Miracle, and it’s a steal. Plus it works better.


  • It has a pleasant scent and removes odors; it doesn’t mask them. This is important because dogs and cats will go back to the same place to pee if they can smell the scent.
  • It removes the stain completely. No carpet discoloration (for me, at least)
  • It’s reasonably-priced and available at most stores.
  • It’s easy-to-use. No scrubbing or mess (like what happens when using baking soda)
  • It works great on both fresh and old stains


  • I haven’t been able to find it in a larger size than 32 oz. It would be nice if it came in a gallon-size jug for pets that have bladder leakage issues.

How-To Remove Pet Stains in 3 Easy Steps (Carpet)

STEP 1:  If the stain is still wet, blot it (don’t scrub) with paper towels to remove excess urine first. If the stain is already dry, no need to blot it (obviously). Liberally soak the area with OUT! Stain Destroyer. Go past the visible edges of the stain and make sure it’s good and wet so that it soaks into the padding underneath.

image of person spraying a carpet stain
© Can Stock Photo / AndreyPopov

Note: The spray bottle might be alright for dribbles and small stains, but I like to use the squirt bottle because I can soak the area really well from a standing position – without having to squeeze the trigger about 50 times.

STEP 2:  Let the product penetrate for 5 minutes per instructions. I usually wait for 15-20 minutes and haven’t had a problem.

STEP 3:  The product instructions say to gently blot up the excess product with paper towels. Again, don’t scrub, just press down to soak up the moisture. Then let air dry.

image of person cleaning a rug with paper towel
© Can Stock Photo / bds

Like the second step, I do this last step differently. Since I don’t want to touch the urine or the product, I get an old towel, fold it over, and place it on top of the stain. Then – with sneakers on – I step on it to soak up the excess. I flip the towel over on the other side and step on it again. This works great at getting up all of the product and I don’t waste a bunch of paper towels. Then I allow it to air dry.

TIP:  Don’t want to ruin your good towels? Just head over to your local thrift store and load up on used towels and rags for cheap.

Helpful Hints and Closing Remarks

The bottle indicates the remover is for urine, but I think it might also help with poop odors. But first, you would have to remove the stool and clean the stain first. Now, this might sound disgusting, but I’ve found the easiest way to remove poop on carpets is to let it dry first. Then you can pick it up or lightly scrape it off. Because if you try to clean soft or runny stool while it’s still fresh, you will just end rubbing it into the carpet fibers, making it even harder to remove.

Finally, I’d just like to say that OUT! Advanced Urine Destroyer is versatile. It can be used on hardwood floors, furniture, in the laundry, and in carpet cleaning machines. Just read the back of the bottle – it’s all there.

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever used this product, or what you do to deal with pet potty accidents.

Featured Photo: © Can Stock Photo / AndreyPopov

Author: Melissa Adams

A true night owl, I love the quiet solitude that can only be found while the rest of the world sleeps.

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