Midlife Vibes is an opinion and lifestyle blog geared towards those aged 50-plus. Categories include Life Stories, Commentary, Home/DIY, and Health/Aging.


My name is Melissa Adams. I’m a mom, a grandma, and a multiple pet owner. I’m also raising my oldest grand-daughter (14) on my own. I’m disabled due to several chronic health issues, so life can be quite the challenge at times.

This is a new blog here on WordPress, although I’ve had a different one in the past. As you might have noticed on the front page, I belong to Generation X. People from my generation will easily get my POV for the most part. Also, the baby boomers and millennials might enjoy my work too. But my g-daughter’s generation? Lol, forget it! Today’s youth will think I’m old, out-of-touch, and a complete embarrassment. Fortunately, I’m not writing for them 😉


  • Age: 52
  • Birth Place: Dayton, OH
  • Favorite Shows: Ghost Adventures, Chopped, Dateline, Animal Planet shows
  • Movies: A lot of Netflix Originals that are suspense/thrillers, scary, dark
  • Foods: Almost anything as long as it’s not spicy or raw
  • Causes: Preventing animal cruelty, recycling, protecting wildlife reserves